SABRAO Journal Volume 47 Issue 4 December 2015

SABRAO Journal Volume 47 Issue 4 December 2015

This final issue for 2015 contains articles on tomato, jatropha, rice, maize, linseed, pea, lentil, fenugreek, rice, etc

VOL. 47 NO. 4 DECEMBER 2015

Research articles

S. Kumar, P. H. Ramanjini Gowda and N. M. Mallikarjuna
Evaluation of selected F6 tomato lines for extended shelf life
p 326-334

G. Subashini, M. Paramathma and N. Manivannan
Character association analysis for oil yield and yield components in BC4F1 population of interspecific cross (Jatropha curcas x Jatropha integerrima)
p 335-339

V. Kumar, S. K. Jindal, M. S. Dhaliwal and O. P. Meena
Hybrid development for resistance to late blight and root knot nematodes in tomato (Solanum lycopersicum l.)
p 340-354

V. Ulaganathan, S. M. Ibrahim, P. Gomathinayagam and A. Gurusamy
Genotype x environmental interaction and stability for yield and its components in elite maize types under moisture stress conditions
p 355-365

P. Kumar, N.K. Singh and S.K. Jha
Multi-environment evaluation for determining grain yield, combining ability, heterosis and their inter-relationships in maize
p 366-374

S. Paul, S. Bhateria and A. Kumari
Genetic variability and interrelationships of seed yield and yield components in linseed (Linum usitatissimum l.)
p 375-383

J. Singh, R.K. Dhall and I.S. Aujla
Characterization of resistance response of garden pea (Pisum sativum l.) against powdery mildew (Erysiphe pisi dc) in sub-tropical plains of India
p 384-393

S. Akhtar, M. Ahsan, M.J. Asghar, G. Abbas, F. Ahmad and M. Rizwan
Comparison of hybridization and induced mutation as sources of creating genetic variability for various traits in lentil (Lens culinaris medik.)
p 394-405

S. Kumar, P. Prakash, S. Kumar and K. Srivastava
Role of pollen starch and soluble sugar content on fruit set in tomato under heat stress
p 406-412

K.P. Singh, B. Singh, B.S. Tomar and A.K. Naidu
Trait variation in fenugreek
p 413-423

G. Nirmaladevi, G. Padmavathi, Suneetha Kota and V.R. Babu
Genetic variability, heritability and correlation coefficients of grain quality characters in rice (Oryza sativa l.)
p 424-433

M. Girijarani, P.V. Satyanarayana, Y. Suryanarayana, P. V. Ramana Rao, Ch. Neerajakshi, N. Chamundeswari, B. N. S. V. R. Ravikumar, S. L. Pavani, K. Kondayya, P. Ratnasree, K. M. Vishnuvardhan, K. Sivaramprasad And A. V. Reddy
Enhancement of flood tolerance in a high yielding rice variety ‘amara’ by marker assisted selection
p 439-447

Nguyen Thi Lang, Nguyen Trong Phuoc, Pham Thi Thu Ha, Tran Bao Toan, Bui Chi Buu, Russell Reinke, Abdelbagi M. Ismail and Reiner Wassmann
Development of submergence tolerant breeding lines for Vietnam
p 448-459

A.C. Sekhar, P. Ramesh, P.C.O. Reddy, P. Munirathnam, P. Ravisankar, P.V.R.M. Reddy and C.V.C.M. Reddy
Inheritance pattern of pigmented traits in foxtail millet (Setaria italica L.) Beauv.)
p 460-466

P.K. Bhati, S.K. Singh, R. Singh, A. Sharma and S.Y. Dhurai
Estimation of heterosis for yield and yield related traits in rice (Oryza sativa l.)
p 467-474

N. Gupta, M.L. Bhardwaj, S.P. Singh and S. Sood
Correlation and path analysis of yield and yield components in some genetic stocks of bitter gourd (Mordica charantia l.)
p 475-481

A. Kasno and Trustinah
Genotype-environment interaction analysis of peanut in Indonesia
p 482-492

S. Mahakosee, S. Jogloy, N. Vorasoot, B. Suriharn, N. Puppala and A. Patanothai
Genotypic diversity of traits related to nitrogen fixation in Valencia peanut germplasm
p 493-501

Vikas V. Kulkarni, I. Shankergoud and M.R. Govindappa
Identification of sunflower powdery mildew resistant sources under artificial screening
p 502-509

Dewi Indriyani Roslim, Herman and Isro Fiatin
Lethal dose 50 (LD50) of mungbean (Vigna radiata l. Wilczek) cultivar kampar
p 510-516

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