Taxonomic assessment of Curculigo orchioides USING matK and rbcL DNA barcodes

Taxonomic assessment of Curculigo orchioides USING matK and rbcL DNA barcodes



Curculigo orchioides is most commonly used as an imperative medicinal plant in Vietnam. The plant roots are mainly used to treat sexual dysfunction, back pain, arthritis, nephritis, jaundice, and infertility. Given the high market demand in the herbal market, C. orchioides traders commonly adulterate with other similar plants for illegitimate benefits. Maturase K (matK) and ribulose 1,5biphosphate carboxylase (rbcL) DNA barcode loci are presently used to identify the blends and counterfeit the medicinal herbs, as well as, identify the propagating conservation material. Nevertheless, the identification accuracy is highly dependent on NCBI Genbank or Barcode of Life Database (BOLD). In the recent study, the efficiency of DNA barcode loci, matK and (rbcL) for the classification of C. orchioides populations, was investigated during 2020–2021. After examining 11 accessions of C. orchioides collected from different locations in Vietnam, the obtained results revealed that using NCBI database is more effective for classifying C. orchioides. In addition, the matK locus also showed higher identification power than (rbcL) . The obtained findings could be helpful in the trading management, conservation, and development of C. orchioides in Vietnam.

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Date published: June 2022

Keywords: BOLD, classification, Curculigo orchioides, DNA barcodes, matK, NCBI Genbank, rbcL


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