SABRAO Journal Volume 48 Issue 3 September 2016

SABRAO Journal Volume 48 Issue 3 September 2016

This issue under volume 48 and released in September 2016 contains articles on sorghum, beans, rice, sunflower, okra, etc.

VOL. 48 NO. 3 SEPTEMBER 2016

Research articles

V. Thirumala Rao, P. Sanjana reddy and B.V.S. Reddy
Combining ability for grain mold resistance in sorghum (Sorghum bicolor (l.) Moench)
p 240-246

A.T. Adsul, V.P. Chimote, M.P. Deshmukh and D.S. Thakare
Genetic analysis of yield and its components in soybean (Glycine max (l.) Merrill)
p 247-257

K.S. Usharani and C.R. Ananda Kumar
Estimation of variability, heritability and genetic advance in mutant populations of black gram (Vigna mungo l. Hepper)
p 258-265

A.B. Mandal, R. Mondal, S. Dutta, P. Mukherjee, And K. Meena
Genetics of yield and component characters in Pokkali somaclones – a tall, traditional, photo-sensitive cultivar from India
p 266-276

S.D. Deka, M. Dadlani and R. Sharma
Diversity study in Capsicum using numerical taxonomy
p 277-284

S. Thippeswamy, Y. Chandramohan, B. Srinivas and D. Padmaja
Selection of diverse parental lines for heterotic hybrid development in rice (Oryza sativa l.)
p 285-294

V. Tyagi and S.K. Dhillon
Cytoplasmic effects on combining ability for agronomic traits in sunflower under different irrigation regimes
p 295-308

M. Talha, Swati, Harshaand J.P. Jaiswal
Marker assisted detection of underutilized potential yr genes in elite wheat breeding lines
p 309-317

J. Junjittakarn, S. Jogloy, N. Vorasoot and N. Jongrungklang
Effect of mid-season drought and recovery on physiological traits and root system in peanut genotypes (Arachis hypogaea l.)
p 318-331

J. Junjittakarn, S. Jogloy, N. Vorasoot and N. Jongrungklang
Root responses and relationship to pod yield in difference peanut genotypes (Arachis hypogaea l.) Under mid-season drought
p 332-343

N. Gupta, S. Sood, Y. Singh and D.Sood
Determination of lethal dose for gamma rays and ethyl methane sulphonate induced mutagenesis in okra (Abelmoschus esculentus (L.) Moench.)
p 344-351

S.A. Aziz. K.K. Azmi, D. Sukma and F.Z. Qonitah, T
Morphological characters of triploids and tetraploids produced by colchicine on buds and flowers of Phalaenopsis amabilis
p 352-358

I. Saba, P.A. Sofi, N.A. Zeerak, M.A. Bhatand R.R. Mir
Characterisation of a core set of common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris l.) germplasm for seed quality traits
p 352-358

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