SABRAO Journal Releases December 2020, Volume 52

SABRAO Journal Volume 52 December 2020 Issue Cover

SABRAO Journal Releases December 2020, Volume 52

The Society for the Advancement of Breeding Research in Asia and Oceania (SABRAO), releases the December issue of the SABRAO Journal of Breeding and Genetics for 2020.


Amzeri A, Daryono BS, Syafii M (2020). Genotype by environment and stability analyses of dryland maize hybrids. SABRAO J Breed Genet 52:355–368.

Salem TSG, Rabie HA, Mowafy SAE, Eissa AEM, Mansour E (2020). Combining ability and genetic components of Egyptian cotton for earliness, yield, and fiber quality traits. SABRAO J Breed Genet 52:369–389.

Sahid ZD, Syukur M, Maharijaya A (2020). Combining ability and heterotic effects of chili pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) genotypes for yield components and capsaicin content. SABRAO J Breed Genet 52:390–401.

Badami K, Daryono BS, Amzeri A, Khoiri S (2020). Combining ability and heterotic studies on hybrid melon (Cucumis melo L.) populations for fruit yield and quality traits. SABRAO J Breed Genet 52:402–417.

Mohosina F, Mehedi MNH, Mahmud E, Hasan MK, Noor MMA, Rahman MHS, Chowdhury AK (2020). Genetic diversity of commercially cultivated watermelon (Citrullus lanatus) hybrids in Bangladesh. SABRAO J Breed Genet 52:418–434.

Wening RH, Purwoko BS, Suwarno WB, Rumanti IA, Khumaida N (2020). Submergence and drought stresses in rice over genotype by environment interaction. SABRAO J Breed Genet 52:435–445.

Gurung T, Sitaula BK, Penjor T, Tshomo D (2020). Genetic diversity of chili pepper (Capsicum spp.) genotypes grown in Bhutan based on morphological characters. SABRAO J Breed Genet 52:446–464.

Kamimukai M, Iwakura T, Akaoka T, Murai M (2020). High-yielding japonica-rice lines carrying Ur1 (Undulate rachis-1) gene, possessing various heading times. SABRAO J Breed Genet 52:465–492.

Prasetyo MD, Suharsono, Liwang T, Roberdi (2020). Identification of single nucleotide polymorphism in FatA gene encoding for Acyl-ACP Thioesterase Type-A of oil palm. SABRAO J Breed Genet 52:493–505.

Putri NE, Sutjahjo SH, Trikoesoemaningtyas, Nur A, Suwarno WB, Wahyu Y (2020). Wheat transgressive segregants and their adaptation in the tropical region. SABRAO J Breed Genet 52:506–522.

Kamimukai M, Nagano K, Iwakura T, Akaoka T, Sakai K, Sakai M, Sakata M, Masuda K, Murai M (2020). Eating qualities of high-yielding japonica-rice lines carrying Ur1 gene. SABRAO J Breed Genet 52:523–544.

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