Comparative study on fruit yield and quality traits of the new mango cultivars grown under Egypt conditions

Comparative study on fruit yield and quality traits of the new mango cultivars grown under Egypt conditions



Mango (Mangifera indica L.) is Egypt’s third major fruit crop. The latest study aimed to evaluate 11 foreign mango cultivars Kent, Palmar, Yasmina Rose, Shelly, Nam Doc Mai, Osten, Glenn, Sensation, Kensington Pride, Heidi, and Joa, in two successive seasons of 2018 and 2019, under Egyptian environmental conditions. The experiment comprised a randomized complete block design (RCBD) with 11 treatments and three replications to analyze the mango cultivars for floral aspects, fruit yield, its components, and fruit quality characteristics. Results indicated that cultivars Sensation and Yasmina Rose produced the highest fruit yield per tree. Cultivars Osten, Yasmina Rose, and Kent gained the maximum fruit weight. The study noted the uppermost value of fruit retention (%) for cultivars Palmar, Osten, and Joa. As for the initial fruit set, the highest value appeared in cultivars Heidi and Yasmina Rose, while cultivars Heidi and Kensington Pride revealed the highest value of fruit pulp firmness at the early stage of ripening in July. The Shelly cultivar recorded the highest percentage of pulp per fruit, while the lowest fruit fibers and total acidity percentage came from the Glenn cultivar. The fruits of Nam Doc Mai cultivar contained the highest total soluble solids and total sugar percentages, whereas fruits of the Heidi cultivar contained the highest value of vitamin C. Cultivars noted with the alternate bearing habit consisted of Kensington Pride, Palmer, and Shelly, while all other cultivars exhibited regular bearing. Mango cultivars Glenn, Nam Doc Mai, Osten, Kensington Pride, Shelly, Joa, Yasmina Rose, Sensation, Kent, Palmer, and Heidi (first mentioned, most recommended in descending order) received high recommendations for successful cultivation under the Egyptian environmental conditions based on relatively better fruit setting and quality.

Keywords: Mango (Mangifera indica L.), cultivars, evaluation, flowers, fruit yield, retention, fruit quality, fruit fibers and acidity

Key findings: The 11 mango cultivars exhibited varied differences in their characteristics. Reasons for these variations can be mainly due to their varied genetic makeup, as well as, the interaction between mango genotypes and the environment.

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Date of publication: October 2022


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