Attock-2019: A high-yielding and disease-tolerant peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) cultivar for barani tract of Punjab, Pakistan

Attock-2019: A high-yielding and disease-tolerant peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) cultivar for barani tract of Punjab, Pakistan



Attock-2019 (11AK011) is an elite high-yielding, disease-tolerant, bunch-type (decumbent-2) groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.)cultivar, developed at the Groundnut Research Station, Attock, Punjab, Pakistan. The cultivar resulted from the local crossing between two advanced lines, i.e., 01CG001 and 02CG005. The first cross attempt occurred during the 2005 cropping season at the Groundnut Research Station, Attock, and the selection underwent the pedigree method that continued up to the F6 generation. Attock-2019 underwent evaluation regarding its performance concerning yield, disease resistance, and adaptability to numerous yield trials like preliminary, regular, micro-, and national uniform yield trials, including evaluation at farmer fields and agronomic parameters, during 2012-2018, under the varietal code 11AK011. It out-yielded the check cultivar BARI-2011 in micro-yield trials for two consecutive years in Punjab by producing 19.52% and 17.96% yields higher than the said cultivar. Similarly, at the national level, during the national uniform groundnut yield trials in 2016 and 2017, it surpassed the check cultivars Golden and Pothowar by 30.74% (Golden) and 3.46% (Golden and Pothowar), respectively, in different ecological zones of Pakistan. This genotype is of medium duration, with 20%–25% three-seeded pods per plant. The average number of pods per plant ranged from 85–95. Its shelling percentage is high (70%–72%), with a good 100-seed weight (62-66 g). It also possessed good taste, oil content (40.5%), and protein content (21.6%). The cultivar also showed good performance under drought-stress conditions and tolerance to diseases like the Tikka disease and collar rot of groundnut. Attock-2019 can be sown from 1 April to 15 May under Barani conditions of Punjab, with 30:80:30 NPK kg ha-1 at sowing time and an application of 500 kg ha-1 gypsum at the flowering stage. Attock-2019 gained approval for general cultivation in the Punjab Barani tract during the 2021 in 54th Punjab Seed Council Meeting as the approving authority.

Keywords: Attock-2019, disease resistant, groundnut, high yielder, variegated seed-coat color

Key findings: Attock-2019 is the prime find of the Groundnut Research Station, Attock that proves beneficial for the farming community in the Barani tract of the Punjab Province.

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Date published: October 2022


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