SABRAO Journal Volume 49 Issue 1 March 2017

SABRAO Journal Volume 49 Issue 1 March 2017

This maiden issue for 2017 contains articles on gembili, brinjal, corn, chilli pepper, rice, cucumber, wheat and maize.

ISSN 1029-7073; eISSN 2224-8978


Purnomo, Faizah LN, Daryono BS (2017). Variability and intraspesific classification of gembili (Dioscorea esculenta (Lour.) Burk.) based on morphological characters). SABRAO J. Breed. Genet.49: 1–8.

Sivakumar V, Uma Jyothi K, Venkataramana C (2017). Stability analysis of brinjal (Solanum melongena) hybrids and their parents for yield and yield components. SABRAO J. Breed. Genet.49: 9–15.

Arifin NS, Hayyu F, Darmawan S (2017). Effect of gamma irradiated pollen on purple corn (Zea mays L.). SABRAO J. Breed. Genet.49: 16–25.

Kaur D, Jindal SK, Dhaliwal MS, Meena OP (2017). Improving fruit traits in chilli pepper through heterosis breeding. SABRAO J. Breed. Genet.49: 26–43.

Haradari C, Hittalmani S, Kahani F (2017). Genotype × environment interaction and stability analysis of yield traits among early generation – pyramid progeny families (EG-PPFS) in rice (Oryza sativa L.). SABRAO J. Breed. Genet.49: 44–57.

Puangbut D, Jogloy S, Puttha R (2017). Evaluation of stem rot resistance in Jerusalem artichoke hybrid clones under field conditions. SABRAO J. Breed. Genet.49: 58–68.

Rumanti IA, Purwoko BS, Dewi IS, Aswidinnoor H Widyastuti Y (2017). Combining ability for yield and agronomic traits in hybrid rice derived from wild abortive, gambiaca and kalinga cytoplasmic male sterile lines. SABRAO J. Breed. Genet.49: 69–76.

Singh SK, Sahu R, Singh DK, Vennela PR, Reddy Yerva S, Kumar D, Singh M, Rathan ND (2017). Identification of restorers and maintainers for the development of drought tolerant rice hybrids for eastern Uttar Pradesh. SABRAO J. Breed. Genet.49: 77–82.

Dudhe MY, Rajguru AB, Bhoite KD, Madhuri P (2017). Genetic evaluation and identification of stable sunflower genotypes under semi-arid dryland conditions of Telangana and Maharashtra State. SABRAO J. Breed. Genet.49: 83–93.

Kaur K, Dhall RK (2017). Heterosis and combining ability for yield and yield attributes in cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.). SABRAO J. Breed. Genet.49: 94–103.

Rahman MM, Mandal MSN, Alam MA, Rahman S, Begum N, Khalil IH (2017). Identification of drought tolerant spring wheat genotypes based on some of the physiological traits. SABRAO J. Breed. Genet. 49: 104–115.

Sumalini K, Pradeep T, Sravani D (2017). Prediction of double cross performance based on single and three-way crosses in maize (Zea mays). SABRAO J. Breed. Genet.49: 116–122.

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